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Vision Therapy

Optique Eyecare we provide vision therapy to residents of St. Charles, IL and the surrounding communities. Our optometrists can guide you through the entire vision therapy process and give you the best eye care you need. Read more about vision therapy below. 

Developmental Vision includes vision therapy and is an area of expertise within optometry. The optometrist tests specific visual skills that are often not covered in a routine eye exam. Vision therapy is similar to physical therapy but for the brain and eyes. It is an effective non-surgical way to help improve conditions such as lazy eye, double vision, focusing problems, eye tracking difficulties as well as some reading and learning disabilities. Vision therapy can require home or in-office therapy. Most frequently, a combination of both is needed.

Studies show that Vision Therapy is an effective treatment for many different types of eye problems which generally cannot be treated with eyeglasses alone. Each program must be specifically prescribed depending upon the type and severity of the eye problem. The goal of any vision therapy program is to see comfortably, efficiently and clearly without any eye strain or fatigue.

Symptoms that may indicate a need for Vision Therapy

  • The following is a short list of possible problems that may indicate a possible eye movement problem, focusing problem, or a binocular problem, (i.e. the inability to use both eyes comfortably).
  • Skipping words or sentences
  • Reversing words or letters
  • Rereading lines or phrases
  • Reading extremely slowly
  • Using a finger or a pointer to guide your eyes
  • Unusual fatigue, restlessness after maintaining visual attention
  • Complaints of blur while reading or writing
  • Holding reading material closer than normal
  • Covering or closing one eye
  • Avoidance of close work
  • Short attention span or day dreaming
  • An eye that turns in, up, down or out
  • Frequent headaches
  • Double vision
  • Errors and difficulty copying from chalkboard
  • Slowness in all schoolwork

State-of-the-Art Vision Therapy Services in St. Charles

State-of-the-Art Vision Therapy Services in St. Charles

Your vision is precious, and if you or a loved one struggles with a visual disability, you are even more aware how it can impact your daily activities and independence. Genetic and eye health conditions like macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, low vision, and other conditions can cause reduced or limited vision, and there is little that can be done medically or surgically to correct the issues or restore vision in a significant way. However, with vision therapy, patients have a brighter outlook on their visual capacity than ever before. With a combination of state-of-the-art therapies, exercises, and technologically advanced equipment and aids, patients can improve their visual abilities and skills.

What is Orthoptic Vision Therapy & How Does It Work?

Orthoptic vision therapy is a series of exercises and therapies that are designed to improve binocular function, or to help the eyes learn to work together to process visual information. Orthoptic vision therapy is most often used by pediatric optometrists and ophthalmologists for children who have amblyopia or strabismus. Other conditions that orthoptic vision therapy may be able to treat successfully include binocular vision problems, focusing disorders, convergence insufficiency, and eye movement problems. It is a non-surgical, non-invasive, and painless treatment that can help to correct a patient's visual system over time.

What You Need to Know About Behavioral Vision Therapy

Behavioral vision therapy involves addressing a variety of visual issues, including but not limited to: Visual Processing, Perception Therapy, Sensory Learning, and Syntonic Phototherapy.

Visual Processing & Perception Therapy

Therapy that focuses on visual processing and perception can assist patients in enhancing visual discrimination (the ability to visually see differences between objects), visual figure ground (the ability to separate an object from a background), and visual memory (the ability to retain visual information over a period of time.

Sensory Learning

Sensory integration therapy is often combined with visual therapies in order to produce more effective results. Sensory therapies involve using other senses, such as taste, smell, touch, and hearing to corroborate with visual integration.

Syntonic Phototherapy

Syntonic phototherapy, or light therapy, is an advanced type of visual therapy that involves using specific light frequencies through the eyes to treat a variety of visual dysfunctions.

Working With St. Charles Vision Therapy Patients

At Optique EyeCare, we are dedicated to assisting patients with numerous visual problems. We offer a variety of advanced and scientifically proven vision therapy techniques to assist patients in achieving the best possible visual results. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a comprehensive vision and eye health examination. Once your examination is complete, we work with you to develop a custom vision therapy treatment plan that is designed to improve not only your visual acuity, but also how your visual system works as a whole.

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