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"My daughter was diagnosed with Amblyopia at the age of 2. At the time we were seeing an Opthalmologist in CA who prescribed the traditional old school method of patching as a treatment pathway for her. We did this religiously for 2 years…patching 2-4 hours per day on her “good” eye to force the “weak” eye to get stronger. We had a lot of ups and downs and unfortunately our results following this guidance was that the good eye got worse and there was barely any change in her weak eye. At times, the Doctor even questioned me to see if we were really patching…I was extremely offended and at that point began doing some research on other methods to treat/cure Amblyopia.

Fortunately I found the Facebook Group Vision Therapy Parents Unite.There were tons of stories just like mine where parents had switched to vision therapy and saw tremendous results in their children…better behavior, better depth perception, ability to see in 3-D, basically getting the brain to use the correct pathways to the eyes instead of it wanting one eye to dominate over the other one.

I asked our Opthalmologist about Vision Therapy and she had nothing good to say about it…again almost making me feel stupid for asking about it. My Mommy instincts kicked in and regardless of what she said, my husband and I decided to have my daughter assessed and give Vision Therapy a try.

We found a reputable Developmental Optometrist in the city we were living in and began Vision Therapy in August of 2014. They prescribed 9 months of vision therapy. After 10 weeks, our daughter could see in 3D (something the other doctor told me she could live without) and we saw her behavior improve dramatically.

Half way through her treatment, we moved to St. Charles and were so fortunate to find Dr. Adams and Optique. They accepted us in as new patients and took the information from our previous doctor…our daughter did not miss a beat. Starting in January 2015, we came into the office once a week and did home exercises provided by our therapist. Our daughter graduated from Vision Therapy on schedule in May of 2015.

We continue to do some at home exercises that were recommended by Dr. Adams and our daughter’s vision continues to improve. Her prescription has gone from +5.5 to +3.5 in her weak eye. Both of her eyes are working together and her amblyopia is CURED.

Thank you to Dr. Adams and our Vision Therapist for guiding our daughter to success."

- Lori C.